A while back, I pitched a piece to QOQQOON and they indulged a me in a meander around the normalized enmeshment of purpose, applause, productivity and hustle, and how loitering might be a way back to art making in the midst of all that.

Here's a link to read more: qoqqoon.com/art-making-and-the

Doug Jarvis is an artist and curator based in Victoria, BC. He is a founding member of the avatar performance art group Second Front and the Noxious Sector Art Collective and participates in Open Actions in public spaces. His individual and collective work explores absurdity, care, non-material entities and technology as a human attribute.

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Daina Warren is from the Akamihk (Cree) Nation in Maskwacis (Bear Hills), AB. She was awarded two Canada Council’s Aboriginal Curatorial Residencies the first to work with grunt gallery, Vancouver BC (2000-2001) and a second residency at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario (2010-2011).

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With the LIVE Assembly on it's way, we thought we'd share with you some of our guests!

Margaret Dragu works in video, installation, web/analogue publication & performance. Spanning relational, durational, interventionist and community-based practices, she has shown in Canada, USA & Europe. Dragu is celebrating her 50th year as working artist.

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Interdisciplinary artist and past-LIVE performance artist, Adrian Stimson (Siksika Nation) offers a response to Blackwood Galleries project, Artists-in-Presidents: Transmissions to Power; "a polyvocal art project initiated by Constance Hockaday that takes up and subverts the model of the Presidential Address or Transmission to the Nation."

You can listen and see many other resonant responses here: blackwoodgallery.ca/projects/t

Just updated the #fantomesZine website with new borders, a color that matches the zine, and other little style fixes in preparation for listing the pre-orders on there ~

Wanted to share the 12th issue of UBC's UJAH (Undergrad Journal of Art History). This issue contains a paper I wrote last fall on the ReMatriate Collective, (@rematriate_), as well as many more interesting papers and artist profiles written by students and recent grads.

You can get the full journal PDF here:

Though we are unable to meet in person this year, LIVE Biennale is still dedicated to bringing a meaningful experience centered around identifying new ways of caring in our communities! We invite you to join us from November 4th-6th at the LIVE Assembly, an online event where participants can join us online for a gathering that features artists and those involved in the art community. For more information please register for the event at livebiennale.ca


The responder’s role is to witness 4 specific events in this series (and any other they may choose to attend) and then formulate their musings into a 1500-2000 word text, drawing connections between them and providing insights in relation to key formal, conceptual, creative, aesthetic, and political concerns.

Responders are paid $1000 each.

Expressions of interest and CV to symposium@cmagazine.com by October 8, 2021.


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