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Hello, LIVE Platform & the fediverse! I'm creating, "A Future We Can All See Ourselves In'

Great news on Voyager 1.
Richard Stephenson of DSN Canberra reports that engineering data was being received from Voyager 1 last night at 40 bps.

No science data yet, perhaps because they did not switch to the higher 160 bps rate, but this is a major step towards recovery and validates the diagnosis (failed memory chip in the FDS computer) and fix (rearrange software to bypass the failed memory area).

Now waiting for a status update from NASA.

I don't want to be visible. I want to be happy and safe and left alone.

More than ever, this is what today feels like.

What are you doing to protect the trans people around you? #TDOV #TransDayOfVisiblity

Heppy Trans Day of Visibility, my friends, and friends to be.
May we walk in tall in the light and the dark. May our hands be stronger and lift each other up. And mostly may we the speak truth of our eyes, ears and hearts.
Thank you for being here.

The Skoden Indigenous Film Festival (SIFF) is returning for its sixth year on April 6 and 7!

Presented by the School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) and the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT), this year's Skoden is a two-day student-led film festival that features exclusively Indigenous filmmakers and creatives from across Canada, presented in 5 thematic programs, each ending with a Q&A session.

Israel 'WORSE Than Apartheid': South African Jewish Former ANC Politician Andrew Feinstein

Tip2 - We continue with the tips, Have you ever been tokenised. Do have a story for u tho this is not mine it's from, Florence. One video is release each Monday and Thursday from September 7th to 28th. , as a prelude to the upcoming Live Bienniale of Performance Art in Vancouver 10-15 Oct 2023. Details:

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Tip1 - Tips for Surviving the Art World is a set of seven short form videos that contribute to the democratization of knowledge in the lives of working artists, created by Lan “Florence” Yee.

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