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Hello, LIVE Platform & the fediverse! I'm creating, "A Future We Can All See Ourselves In'

Tip2 - We continue with the tips, Have you ever been tokenised. Do have a story for u tho this is not mine it's from, Florence. One video is release each Monday and Thursday from September 7th to 28th. , as a prelude to the upcoming Live Bienniale of Performance Art in Vancouver 10-15 Oct 2023. Details:

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Tip1 - Tips for Surviving the Art World is a set of seven short form videos that contribute to the democratization of knowledge in the lives of working artists, created by Lan “Florence” Yee.

SIX "We will challenge the capitalist norms that commodify artistic expression and threaten our environment, advocating for an alternative perspective that supports communal efforts, empathy and well-being"

SEVEN "We will embrace a holistic view that embraces the inherent interconnectedness of all beings, understanding that our actions, thoughts and creations reverberate across an intricate web, shaping the delicate balance of it all"

The Canadian Government has made a new tourism ad and it’s surprisingly honest and informative!


The freedom of individuals in a community to appropriate resources merely by virtue of the fact that they are using them. !!!!

2 thinggs ,

1. A sound/dance live presentation I'm happy to invite you to, this sat & sun.

2. A playfully live PA set for your summer late night vibe,

cityscape / Visit to where you are
a response/wish from a neighbour.

cityscape / Visit to where you are
Hands of water - at once scary and at once pure comfort, and the trillium forest from her childhood. Placed in Renfrew Ravine.

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