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Hello, LIVE Platform & the fediverse! I'm creating, "A Future We Can All See Ourselves In'

I have all my email, going back to 1996, thanks to Thunderbird.

Same Mailbox format, very fast search, works great with Gmail.

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened:

#NFT #NFTCommunity

Rekka & I will be giving a keynote presentation, alongside Khyam Allami, at NIME 2022!

EditorJeanne Van Heeswijk, Maria Hlavajova, Rachael Rakes
October 19, 2021

@rek @neauoire @furiousgreencloud Ah yeah, the domain blocks doc on github is super out of date, you can see the full list at the bottom of though!

@rek can you send me a link to a list of instance's to block, got my 1st spam today. thanks. Is there a git hub of them or some other collaborative blocking scheme you use?

Recommend listening form season 4 of Momus the podcast : tender, vulnerable and insightful.

“In episode 4, Dr. Léuli Eshrāghi discusses “tagatavāsā,” a text centered on Eshrāghi’s grandmother’s art practice that interweaves Indigenous language with the vernacular of contemporary art…. In this intimate conversation with Lauren Wetmore, Eshrāghi says, “I wonder how you can bring texts to be haunted by the absence of knowledge, or by the violence of the borders of today.”

Does work well if one belongs to instances/servers? Or does that just open the door seeing the same events duplicated?

What a day done right! Morning coffee with Justine, @rek & @neauoire,touching on virtual assets exceeding the cost of concrete ones, the marvelous pursuit, induction cooking and the arbitrary depth of minimal computing — something like : since all of them are virtual, you can go all the way to the tarmac (DIY 1 operator & stack machine) or all syntactic sugar you desired with corresponding nuclear power plant required for your build.

The paper was hiding a Film Shoot's set decoration. I'll keep you posted, as to if the store survives.

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Since my 1st _wonderings_ in the hold out of gentrification has been this shop front — Tosi's sun bleached windows has been unchanged for more than 20 years. For the brave one can(/could?) ring the bell and wait for the aged proprietor to venture slowly down and open up the door to museum dry like interior, in which one can(/could?) order salami, olive oil or Parmesan cheese, from an imagined menu derived from that sun drenched immovable exterior ... now papered over.

Watching the morning mist rise as we bid farewell to our home at Rosen Lake Nation for the last month.

revisiting the choreutics book in order to prototype a laban+turing machines mashup: non-verbal rituals to preserve the fundamentals of computing, as a post-collapse practice.

As part of my research into the diverse views on sustainability and ICT, I wrote a paper about edge computing and greenwashing.

'Refusing the Burden of Computation: Edge Computing and Sustainable ICT' is published in the open access, online APRJA journal's issue on research refusal.

#sustainability #ecology #environment #tech #technology #greenwashing

My hole for the last, 4 days on (East Point, Saturna Island) 8am with Joni and Mark ... the 1st Rule of SwimClub, is talk about SwimClub the 2nd Rule is you don't need to Swim at SwimClub.

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