Tip2 - We continue with the tips, Have you ever been tokenised. Do have a story for u tho this is not mine it's from, Florence. One video is release each Monday and Thursday from September 7th to 28th. , as a prelude to the upcoming Live Bienniale of Performance Art in Vancouver 10-15 Oct 2023. Details: livebiennale.ca/

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Tip1 - Tips for Surviving the Art World is a set of seven short form videos that contribute to the democratization of knowledge in the lives of working artists, created by Lan “Florence” Yee.

Thank You! Yasmine for presenting your audio work LIVE on Coop Radio CFRO.

Visit ywk.cargo.site/ for the complete episodes' audio and descriptive transcriptions of the _cite/site_ Project.

_breath_ (excerpt) from _cite/site_
== Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora ==

This episode came out of a time when the significance of a single breath in sustaining/taking life had become uncomfortably literal. It’s an attempt at sonic comfort and to find some comedic relief in something seemingly abundant and yet so limited.


_cite/site_ Project Presentation:

LIVE on COOP Radio CFRO 100.5FM
Wed 28th June 21h00 PDST (GMT-7) Vancouver

_holeness_ (excerpt) from _cite/site_
== Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora ==

The essence of hole-ness is an ongoing interest which turns to the tension that arises when we are confronted with a hole, gap or void while searing for something solid &/or “complete.” This episode is a sonic meander around some holes and what people chose to do with them.

_cite/site_ Project Presentation:

LIVE on COOP Radio CFRO 100.5FM
Wed 28th June 21h00 PDST (GMT-7) Vancouver

1/5 LIVE Presents _cite/site_ by == Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora == as part of it's inter-biennial online and mediated programming founded in 2021 Assembly - Repair and Care.

Works will be presented in their entirety on
LIVE on COOP Radio CFRO 100.5FM
Wed 28th June 21h00 PDST (GMT-7) Vancouver

and in excerpts on the LIVE Platform here.

2/5 LIVE Project: cite/site is an ongoing series of audio essays piecing together field recordings, spoken text, voice messages and audio from pop culture. This project highlights aspects of Yasmine’s current research interests, placing importance on threads of ongoing citation and the places/spaces which these sounds were conjured.

3/5 LIVE Project: The title of the project _cite/site_ pulls on the words etymology and the ways linguistic meaning changes with context and repetition (“cite” in the capacity of quoting, summoning, re-calling or rousing to action, and “site” as in location which comes from the Latin situs meaning “allowing to be”).

4/5 LIVE Project: This series is an outlet for rousing disparate citations and letting them linger for listeners. During this residency with LIVE Yasmine completed the first two episodes of the series, “holeness,” and “breath,” and a third episode, “kitchen talks,” which is still cooking.

5/5 LIVE Artist: Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora (she/they) is an artist/writer/arts worker of mixed Turkish and settler-Canadian heritage living and working on the territories of the xwməθkwəýəm, Skwxwú7mesh, and səlil̓ilw̓ətaʔɬ First Nations. Yasmine’s practice currently encompasses video, audio scores, collecting/archiving, performance and writing.

P.L.U.R.O.M.A. SS23 is a group == fashion show and runway performance starts at 830PM ==
featuring works by:

. Hannah Eriksson & Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora
. Mark Delong
. Shizen Jambor
. Jaewoo Kang
. Natasha Katedralis
. Chandra Melting Tallow



Two rooms of music and dancing featuring:

. Yu Su
. Big Zen
. B WEST (live)
. HINI (live)
. Mela Melania

Music following that

$15 presale, $20 door

by Liquidation World


Episode One - Jelili Atiku! A new podcast interviewing performance artists! New episodes every Wednesdays!


=== OPEN HOUSE ===

Incoming Director
Derrick Chang

Tea Service Hosted
by Lam Wong


4:00PM - 6:00PM

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