Tune in to the 7th annual, 24-hour Wetland Project slow radio broadcast on Earth Day 2023 (April 22) -

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@wetlandproject @furiousgreencloud
I am previewing frogs 🐸 24 hours a day for the next few weeks preparing to run the #WetlandProject stream 🍃 at #Vancouver’s #CoopRadio

I haven’t yet got my computer to run it smoothly overnight 😴 I wake up in the morning, and the frogs have stopped 😞

By #EarthDay Sat, April 22 we’ll be ready for the 24 hour global broadcast though 🌍

Doing more #NonAccordionContent preparing for this 😅

@wetlandproject @furiousgreencloud
Update: 2023-04-15 5AM ish
Successful overnight #WetlandProject technical preview for our April 22nd #CoopRadio (and global) broadcast!

My computer made it through the night carrying the stream 🌱

Woke up by the final stilling of the last two Pacific tree frogs, with silence after many hours of tens of thousands of their friends 🐸

And a rising chorus of birds that gets really loud at about 5:30 🐦

Join me in previewing until #EarthDay

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