Does work well if one belongs to instances/servers? Or does that just open the door seeing the same events duplicated?

@furiousgreencloud yes! i am here in merveilles and follow more techy people, and am over in my instance and follow friends/less techy people - my federated TL is very different on both, and my timeline in general!

Depends on what you want out of it. If you follow the same people from different instances, you'll get two identical feeds.

Following different people from those instances will limit duplicates to some boosts, and it can be a good strategy to deal with instance blocks.

Public timelines will be partly unique and partly the same. It varies. And of course local timelines will be mutually unique, although what's on one instance's local timeline may appear on the other's public.

Don't know how people manage more than 1 persona. Confusing. I see people belonging to more than 1 #instance, but then they later reveal their other identities across instances to the same people.

Only good reason I see for it is to get around instance blocks like what @Coffee said. Or, maybe as a backup if 1 instance goes down? 🤷‍♀️

@evelyn @furiousgreencloud @Coffee A lot of folks I know who are on multiple instances use it to separate out different kinds of posts - one popular example is folks having alts for nsfw-type posting. Sometimes they're anonymous, sometimes publicly linked, sometimes follow requests required, sometimes open.

But it can also be used if you're, say, a person who posts a lot about some subject (say tech stuff) and want to separate that from your everyday life type posting.

In both cases, it enables your followers to choose what kinds of posts they want to see from you - if they don't care about tech stuff, they can still follow the everyday posting, or vice versa if they're mostly interested in tech posting.

@furiousgreencloud it can be handy for curating your own content for others beyond CWs, in addition to curating the content you see beyond lists--whether that is beneficial is subject to individual needs

@neauoire @furiousgreencloud I think it depends entirely on the client you use. The default Mastodon web app is already not very good at grouping and decluttering the notifications column, so, go figure how good it is at using multiple accounts.

I don't know if an actually good client exists, but algorithmically it shouldn't be too difficult to deduplicate timeline events. Mastodon already does deduplication on the server side.

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